The business of art - it's all about connections...

internet marketing solutions Increase your art income potential by understanding the connection between your art as an object and your art as intellectual property and then by leveraging that knowledge via licensing your art.

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What the Heck is ArtistsConsult?

What the Heck is ArtistsConsult (or, "SEO, we have a problem").     [IMAGE "Breakthru" copyright Andre Milman] Art Licensing Vs. Art Selling. We consult, but we are not "consultants". We teach and give "master classes", ...

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Connections are Key

CONNECTIONS! Your key to opening the door to the modern world of the business of art, is understanding the connection between your art as an object and your art as intellectual property; thereby increasing ...

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Artists Web Packages

Web Packages Emerging Artists Consulting Package ► Established Artists Consulting Package ► Professional Artists Consulting Package

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Unique Solutions

► Workshops for learning skills & techniques– “how to”...concrete examples, information and techniques about how to attain a particular result – a tangible skill ► Master Class is customized one-on-one consulting with you, intended to determine ...

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Consulting & e-Learning

► e-Learning Package - pre-packaged lessons/writings/questions/surveys/tests via our website. Three “Flights” are offered: Flight One: structured with pre-requisite basic courses Flight Two: structured with required core advanced courses; ...

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Money From Art

We offer access to information about practical tools and methods for presenting your art to potential licensees in a way that improves your ability to close a sale. instruction – training by us to prepare ...

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