Do It Yourself Art Licensing

We position you to move away from the old-school art marketing concept of making an artwork and selling it once; and advance into the modern world of managing your copyright and renting the use of your art many times as intellectual property; giving you the potential to increase your income by licensing your art.

    ► The Artist’s Dream

  • Freedom to Create
  • Financial Independence
  • Recognition for Artistic Accomplishments
    ► The Artist’s Dilemma

  • Financial Constraints
  • Time Conflicts
  • No Plan!
    ► The Artist’s Solution

  • Miller & Milman have teamed-up to offer lessons about how to license your art.
  • We help you identify and learn to use tools and techniques for building your dream
  • But doing it is entirely up to you! After all, it’s your art & your dream!

About Us

Andre L. Milman Managing Partner

Artist and designer Andre Milman specializes in the field of digital art with an emphasis on abstract designs.

Dr. Milman also holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in industrial design, specializing in textile and apparel design. Past experience includes managing a Fashion House; first as an Art Director and then as Design Center CEO.

In addition to his duties as Managing Partner of ArtistsConsult.com, he teaches courses on Digital Portfolio for Fashion, Design Basics, Screen Printing Design, Textile and Apparel Design, and Graphic Communications for Fashion at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Dr. Milman is instrumental in conceptualizing and implementing the e-Learning Package and other services offered by ArtistsConsult.

Neil Miller Administrative Manager

Mr. Miller’s third career came about as a result of early retirement from the Aerospace Industry. (Career #1 involved technical and quality assurance disciplines, and career #2 consisted of middle management roles in contracts management, intellectual property management, and management consulting in the aerospace and software industries).

Mr. Miller has an extensive background in intellectual property management, fine art licensing, and management consulting for small businesses. He has been involved with promoting the careers of approximately 200 artists and other small business clients during the past 17 years. During this time he also served as an adviser to the board of directors of a local fine arts organization and operated a small gallery for a short time.

His experience reviewing thousands of portfolios and other artist inquiries (email, telephone and snail mail) has convinced him that there are some very good artists who are not savvy about the business of art; and specifically, what is needed to be able to effectively license art.

As a result, these artists are not able to successfully promote themselves or their art. ArtistsConsult was created solely to address that problem. Mr. Miller (President of ArtVisions fine art licensing: artvisions.com) has decided that it is time to share some of his knowledge about tools and techniques that can help any qualified artist learn how to effectively be their own licensing agent. To that end Miller & Milman have teamed-up to position you to learn how to license your art.