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What the Heck is ArtistsConsult?

What the Heck is ArtistsConsult (or, “SEO, we have a problem”).

    [IMAGE “Breakthru” copyright Andre Milman]

Art Licensing Vs. Art Selling.
We consult, but we are not “consultants“. We teach and give “master classes”, but we are not “teachers” (well… actually, we are teachers – but don’t let that get in your way). We create internet marketing tools for artists, but we are not “toolmakers“. We develop websites for artists, but we are not “developers“.

We conduct workshops about art licensing, art preparation for the web and other art related tools and techniques, but we are not “conductors” (we are “workers“, tho).

Both of us are business and art professionals. with many years of experience in the business of art.

Between the two of us, we have produced art and fine art photography, we have owned and managed an art gallery, we have owned and managed a fashion design house, we have sold art, we have licensed art (and still do –, we have taught art and design, we have managed intellectual property (software & art) and we have developed websites.

But, that’s not what we do – what we do is position you to move away from the old-school art marketing concept of making an artwork and selling it once; and advance into the modern world of managing your copyright and renting the use of your art many times as intellectual property; giving you the potential to increase your income by licensing your art.

ArtistsConsult is our name and upping your art income is our game“. We call the “gameDo It Yourself Art Licensing.

Buy a ticket – enjoy the ride!


Connections are Key

connect to make money from your artCONNECTIONS! Your key to opening the door to the modern world of the business of art, is understanding the connection between your art as an object and your art as intellectual property; thereby increasing your income potential by learning how to license your art.

The principle is called leveraging – it’s what smart investors and business people do all of the time and has been proven to be a very effective way to increase revenue from limited resources.

Licensing your art is leveraging your art’s income producing potential.

    We help you learn about the basic concepts of art licensing:

  • copyright,
  • license term,
  • territory,
  • product use,
  • fees,
  • payment terms,
  • rights granted,
  • personal liabilities,
  • artmasters,
  • royalties,
  • and more…
    Learning the basics sets the stage for learning about the more practical aspects of marketing your art for licensing:

  • goal setting & planning to achieve your art licensing goals;
  • methods and techniques for branding and internet marketing; and
  • information about art preparation & presentation for the market including promotional and selling tools, such as …
  • art presentation on the web & proactive marketing via email and other techniques.

Once you understand the connection between making art and using the internet to make money from art licensing, you will be ready to start on the path to art licensing enlightenment — the key your “coming of age” as a professional artist.

The connection between making art and using the internet to license your art is much, much more than simply having a website – almost anyone can have a website for practically no investment other than a bit of time.

We have seen a lot of those kind of websites over the years, and they say a lot about the individual artists who created them – usually not much good though.

The connection between using the internet to increase your income potential and actually licensing your art is about having a compelling internet art licensing presence… as a part of a well thought-out art marketing strategy.

That’s where we come in – ArtistsConsult, LLC, is your internet art licensing advice resource; ready to provide access to practical, useful information, tools and guidance.

You bring your art, your thirst for knowledge and willingness to work.

Together, we can create your art licensing powerhouse.

The ArtistsConsult, LLC, Team